Rigorous Driver Contractual Compliance Standards
We work closely with our customers to develop comprehensive driver compliance programs. Once a program is customized and agreed upon, we mandate that vendor drivers sign agreements which contain the compliance requirements. 4SameDay then performs periodic audits to:

  1. Rigorously ensure that each owner/operator driver remains compliant
  2. Validate that the necessary records are being maintained to meet your audit needs.
Our goal is to ensure the drivers we contract with maintain a thorough knowledge and understanding of all applicable compliance requirements.

Driver Verification
Prior to beginning work, all 4SameDay drivers must pass a drug screening and thorough background examination to ensure qualification for handling and delivering sensitive product.

Vehicle Inspections
All 4SameDay fleet vehicles undergo a rigorous examination at regular intervals throughout the year to verify that they are safe for the road, and capable of making all deliveries with complete reliability.  Vehicle registrations and insurance policies are also checked and monitored.

Continuing Education
At 4SameDay Transportation, training doesn’t end at orientation. We understand that rules evolve and change over time and we have developed programs that seamlessly allow for improvements and adaptations when needed. Our employees receive security, compliance and procedure updates on a regular and ongoing basis via weekly meetings and the use of our company Intranet. This allows our teammates to remain informed of any new security threats or practice enhancements to improve their overall performance. We also meet with our vendor drivers regularly, both on an informal basis before or after they finish their work or formally through contract renegotiations, to review any needed updates or improvements to the compliance and security standards in our agreements. 

Warehouse Security
All 4SameDay warehouse locations are equipped with Closed Circuit Television Cameras with high volume DVRs , state of the art alarm systems with motion sensors, controlled areas to secure high value items, and industrial grade locks on all doors to ensure the product in our control is protected and safe 100% of the time.