Route Optimization 
Planner software uses intelligent optimization algorithms to generate routing solutions based on the individual needs of each client. Customizable parameters ensure that the solutions generated offer optimum efficiency and viability, and can be programmed to provide the shortest time, shortest distance, fewest resources, or a combination of each.

Runs are computed rapidly, consistently, and continuously in order to optimize all resources while ensuring the highest level of customer service. Dynamic optimization allows for the easy addition and removal of routes and stops while maintaining optimal efficiency.

Planner software utilizes cutting edge optimization techniques combined with interactive user tools, allowing for complete operational and strategic control of routes. Planner is flexible enough to schedule work over multiple shifts and across multiple depots using multiple time windows. Large amounts of data can be processed and managed by single or multiple users in the Client-Server environment.
In addition to GPS tracking on all of our deliveries, 4SameDay Transportation utilizes bar-code tracking in real-time to help maintain a chain-of-custody.

All packages are scanned upon receipt and delivery by our mobile scanning units, which upload the data to our secure web portal, allowing our clients to follow their inventory as it moves through the custody chain.

All our scanners are remotely accessible, allowing us to assist the driver with issues in the field and minimize delays to our clients. This real-time assistance is the difference between simple scanning ability, and consistently successful scanning.
Through the 4SameDay web portal, our clients have access to a variety of reports and metrics to help them monitor and improve their business.

Tracking and reporting of assets such as re-useable empty shipping containers helps our clients minimize losses and save money.

On-Time reporting helps identify areas for improvement and ensure that clients’ needs are being met across the network.